Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Tax

I am very pleased to have been asked to act as an expert on the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Tax which held its first meeting on 18 March in New York.

The aim of the Commission is “ICRICT has been established by a broad coalition of civil society and labor organizations, who believe there is currently an unprecedented momentum for significant reform to create a fairer and more effective international corporate tax system. The Commission aims to promote this debate through a wider and more inclusive discussion of international tax rules than is possible through any other existing forum; to consider reforms from a perspective of public interest rather than national advantage; and to seek fair, effective and sustainable tax solutions for development.”

I spoke in one of the panel sessions and the debate was very interesting as it was wider than a corporate tax debate usually is. It was refreshing that the Commissioners articulated what their concerns were about the balance of the global economy and the impact that international tax rules have on this balance. I will post some other blogs on issues which were discussed in a non attributable way over the next few days. If you have further interest the Commission has a website with more details.

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