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It’s the backstop stupid

In the UK the political issue is not “it’s the economy stupid” at present, it’s the Irish border backstop. The issue which is primarily likely to lead to the Withdrawal Agreement not being passed by the House of Commons is that backstop for the Irish border. Remove it, or allow the UK to withdraw unilaterally […]

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Hotel California and the Irish border

This is a longer version of what was posted on LInkedIn. The Irish Border / backstop appears to be an insoluble problem in arriving at a Brexit deal or settlement. I find it hard to believe that the Good Friday Agreement is the main driver however much this is protested. Concerns about the resurgence of […]

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How government policy on Universities disrupted the UK housing market

The recent UK Political Party Conferences all focussed on the problems with the UK housing market. The shortage of social housing is clear and the policy to address this issue is clear – build more units and provide the finance to local authorities to achieve this. What I want to focus on the rest of […]

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Dieselgate – why did the EC allow this to happen?

I’ve been reading the recent report by Transport and Environment “Mind the Gap 2016” about car fuel efficiency and it makes shocking reading for a number of different reasons. The report focuses on the difference between official tests which produce the emissions data on which we base decisions to buy cars in Europe and the […]

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Happy Yule

Today – 22 December – is the first day of Yule and the beginning of the new solstice year, so Happy Yule to all.

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The tyranny of experts and populism

Experts have been getting a hard time recently, disparaged by a number of politicians. Their credibility diminished in the mind of the common man. Their pronouncements not believed by many. And yet given the complexity of the modern world we need experts to advise on issues, so how have we got here and why does […]

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Life Cycle Assessment – Toilet seats and business sustainability

The hinges on a toilet seat broke and so I thought I would buy the hinges and replace them. Well the manufacturer’s website didn’t have the information and an email to them didn’t elict a response, so what I found myself doing was buying a new plastic toilet seat I didn’t need to acquire the […]

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The Daily Mail and HNWI tax

Today’s Daily Mail has the following quote in an article about the tax paid by HNWI in the UK: “More than 2,000 individuals – each worth at least £20million – are suspected of dodging almost £2billion between them. But only one has been successfully prosecuted – and that was back in July 2012. The HM […]

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Apple and Deferred Tax – Will the US get any tax from the Irish structure?

The debate about the state aid challenge to Ireland about Apple has been fascinating and I’ve covered some issues in a previous blog. But what has also interested me  is the discussion about when the US tax on the profits which accrue in Ireland will be paid and which government is foregoing tax to facilitate […]

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State Aid,Ireland, Apple and the US government.

I’ve written a number of pieces about Apple, Google and the Double Irish structure. So I thought that I had better comment on the state aid judgement on Apple. There has been a lot of heat in comments but most have not focussed on the fact that this is a state aid judgement not a […]

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