About Chris Lenon


My tax career spans 37 years in both public service, business and business representative bodies, of which 25 years have focused on International tax. I was Global Head of Tax at a major mining group for 17 years until 2010. I chaired the Tax Committee of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD until October 2012. I chaired the Green Tax Group at Business Europe and was a member of the Tax Policy Group at Business Europe until July 2014. I was a member of ICC Tax Commission specialising in Environmental Tax and Sustainable Development. I was a member of the EU Platform for Tax Good Governance.

My business experience spans Mining, Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors. I have experience of tax administrations on all continents.

In November 2012, I was selected as a member of the ITR Global Tax Top 50 (a list of individuals and organisations which have made a substantial impact on tax practice and administration in the last 12 months).

I act as a consultant for business, governments, ngos and multilateral organisations and speak at tax conferences. My blog allows me to comment on tax policy issues and has developed a large following.


This is the part of the woodland which I own and manage in Wiltshire.

In addition to 3 acres of 200 year old plantation of Oak, Ash and Beech, the remaining 12 acres were planted with some 9000 native broadleaf trees in 2012.

The wood will be managed under a sustainable management plan and will absorb some 10,000 tonnes of carbon.

I am chairing a local group which opposes a Crossrail 2 station.