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Labour, Brexit vs State Aid

The Labour leader gave an interview in the Guardian on 21 December which has largely been covered as his endorsement of leaving the EU. Howls of anguish from Labour remainers have been the response – not surprisingly. What is more interesting, is his focus on the restrictions EU state aid rules would place on Labour’s […]

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The elegant solution – a vote on the Backstop at the end of the transition period

Various solutions have been proposed to the Irish backstop issue in the Withdrawal Agreement, but none appear to appease the concerns of those who oppose the Backstop. The Withdrawal Agreement may be rejected by the House of Commons because of the Irish Backstop. I have to say that I find the idea of regulatory checks […]

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It’s the backstop stupid

In the UK the political issue is not “it’s the economy stupid” at present, it’s the Irish border backstop. The issue which is primarily likely to lead to the Withdrawal Agreement not being passed by the House of Commons is that backstop for the Irish border. Remove it, or allow the UK to withdraw unilaterally […]

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