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Apple and Deferred Tax – Will the US get any tax from the Irish structure?

The debate about the state aid challenge to Ireland about Apple has been fascinating and I’ve covered some issues in a previous blog. But what has also interested me  is the discussion about when the US tax on the profits which accrue in Ireland will be paid and which government is foregoing tax to facilitate […]

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State Aid,Ireland, Apple and the US government.

I’ve written a number of pieces about Apple, Google and the Double Irish structure. So I thought that I had better comment on the state aid judgement on Apple. There has been a lot of heat in comments but most have not focussed on the fact that this is a state aid judgement not a […]

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Do people love the Common Agricultural Policy? Opportunities for UK policy.

After the referendum result a number of banners appeared at demonstrations stating “I love the EU”. The question I want to pose is if one loves the EU, does one love the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP? Because you can’t have one without the other. The CAP has been around for a long time, since […]

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