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Brexit and the “Hunger Games”

The reasons for the Leave vote in the EU referendum have been characterised in many ways over the last 2 days – many of them highly unflattering. A few days ago I wrote: “What is worrying in political terms is the gap between the views of the metropolitan areas and the rest of the country. […]

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Brexit and UK net Immigration – public spending and tax consequences

Not a catchy title but an important one. The referendum approaches and the level of debate is disappointing. It is now accepted that a remain vote will mean continued high levels of immigration to the UK as there appears no mechanism  to control some it given freedom of movement within the EU. What are the […]

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Brexit, Globalisation and Political disenchantment

As the UK EU referendum and the US Presidential election approach there is a common theme in Europe and the US with expressions of political disenchantment with Globalisation and Multilateralism. Commentators dismiss the validity of this disenchantment, in logical terms, but seem less willing to address its causes and the remedies of those causes. I […]

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