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Property tax, is the “Mansion Tax” a good design?

Many commentators argue that a greater focus on property taxes would be a good direction for tax policy to take. Property tax tends to be easier to collect and more difficult to avoid, the debate is about value not the liability to tax and values will fall within a range. A number of political parties […]

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Devolution of taxes within the UK

It appears that where we are with tax devolution in the “United Kingdom” is that the corporation tax rate will not be devolved, but the levels of personal tax, property tax and inheritance tax could be. It should be relatively straightforward to devolve property tax, as the location of property is fairly clear. It poses some […]

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Ireland’s tax rate and Apple

I’ve written about the arrangements which Apple has in Ireland and their need to comply with the arms length principle. Some recent coverage has revealed concerns that some countries still have as a target the corporate tax rate in Ireland rather than arrangements or rulings. This would be the wrong target and the review should […]

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If Apple Inc were a wealthy individual would its tax treatment be reasonable?

I wanted to return to a comment by Apple in the Apple Senate testimony which set me thinking:   “AOI is incorporated in Ireland; thus, under US law, it is not tax resident in the US. AOI is also not tax resident in Ireland because it does not meet the fact-specific residency requirements of Irish […]

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Apple Inc and the arms length standard

In the light of the EC letter to Ireland on Apple’s “APA” I decided to take a look at Apple Inc tax policy in the light of the EC comments. My starting point was the Financial Statements on the website, but the notes on taxes don’t tell us much about tax beyond what is described […]

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