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Renewable Energy – “It’s the poor what pays the price”

Everyone supports the idea of renewable energy as a major part of climate policy and as a major  plank in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This support goes across the political spectrum with probably most dissent coming from the right rather than the left. To be clear I support the need for investment in renewables. But […]

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Energy Efficiency measures – what should be the focus of EU climate policy

Tony Robson writes in the Financial Times (16 January) arguing that “energy efficiency must be the starting point for the EU’s climate policy for 2030”. He makes a good case with which I largely agree. What I want to focus on is the mix of measures to support that climate policy for 2030 and the […]

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Environmental Pricing and Taxes – The clock ticks

This is my first blog of 2014 and appropriately it is about the passing of time. I going to focus on the targets of a number of countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 – with the new year, this target is now only 36 years away and I think it is […]

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