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Charge out of central costs – should business be concerned about BEPS and UN initiatives?

Part of action point 12 of the BEPS action plan makes reference to the charge out of central costs to subsidiaries of a multinational group: “Transparency also relates to transfer pricing and value-chain analyses. A key issue in the administration of transfer pricing rules is the asymmetry of information between taxpayers and tax administrations. This […]

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UK Plastic bag charge – a real environmental tax – a response to comments

Kieran O’Connor has written: “I have always wondered about green taxes – and this is great example. 1. Let me ask – if the average person is at the checkout in Londis, (perhaps shopping on their way home from work) they don’t have a bag with them so will the 5p cost of a carrier […]

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What is fair “Tax Competition” and can the OECD control its members?

A recent move by Mexico is causing consternation within the EU.   In accordance with article 29 XXIII of the tax reform proposal for 2014 sent by the Mexican government to the Congress, expenses paid by a Mexican company to a related party in Mexico or outside Mexico are non-tax deductible in case the company […]

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