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BEPS – How business needs to respond to Double non Taxation

As I have said in previous blogs on the subject, business needs to respond to all the work-streams and action points in the BEPS report – because the absence of a response will be taken by some in government as a tacit acceptance of the findings and actions (there are plenty of examples of this […]

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UK Plastic bag charge – a real environmental tax

A 5p charge for plastic bags is to be introduced in 2015 in England the LibDems have announced. The tax is to discourage the use of plastic bags – and given the concerns that many have over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its smaller brother in the Atlantic this has to be the right thing […]

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Financial Transaction Tax and Extraterritoriality

I’ve always maintained that business and taxpayers should oppose any attempt to introduce extra territorial provisions in tax – the reason being that it increases the likelihood of double taxation and its detrimental economic effect on growth. Its also “taxation without representation” and that is not a firm foundation for any international tax system which […]

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European Commission probes “tax deals with Multinationals”

There are reports that Brussels is probing Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands over their tax legislation and rulings for multinationals – is this a great surprise? Well no for a number of reasons. The Commission needs to be seen to be doing something in the G20 framework on tackling tax avoidance, to avoid being sidelined that is […]

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Netherlands tax treaty policy – anti abuse and substance

The Netherlands has announced a review of it tax treaty policy with developing countries. It appears that this is a political judgement which balances the fact that the Netherlands doesn’t want to give up its attractiveness as a holding company location but has been under pressure and scrutiny about the ability to flow income through […]

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Vodafone/Verizon and the tax which wasn’t!

I watched the BBC news reporting last night of the disposal by Vodafone of the stake in Verizon with despair and dismay. I’ve now read the blogs by Robert Peston on this and I’m even more amazed. I’ll quote Robert: “Which of course begs the question how much capital gains tax Vodafone will pay to the […]

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