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How we can make global companies pay their fair share of tax – a reply to Mike Devereux

Michael Devereux’s piece in the FT (22 May 2013) reflects his comments on Monday at the Tax and Reputation Conference. At the time I had some concerns at his proposal for taxing imports, and now that it is to become a research project for the Centre for Business Taxation at Oxford University I should voice […]

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Tax and Reputation Conference – London 20 May 2013

I attended the Tax and Reputation conference on Monday in London which I thought was a very good event so thanks to Oxford University for organising it. David Gauke was , as usual clear and concise. He identified three key issues: The reputation of business The reputation of the tax system and the impact of […]

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The fall- out from Apple – will Irish eyes be smiling?

“Crikey. That was the word that ricocheted around my skull as I read the US congressional report into Apple Inc’s tax arrangements. Here are a few choice quotes: “Apple Inc established an offshore subsidiary, Apple Operations International, which from 2009 to 2012 reported net income of $30bn, but declined to declare any tax residence, filed […]

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The BEPS project and PEs (not permanent establishments)

  This article isn’t about permanent establishments but price /earnings ratios. I’ve been surprised by the fact that there has been little coverage of the impact of BEPS changes to PE ratios and hence share/stock prices.   Lets assume a group has a tax rate of say 15% (which is low by anyone’s standards) and […]

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Ernst & Young recommend transparency

E&Y have recommended that Business should be more transparent about their tax policies. Some might see this as a way to drum up more business for the Big 4! But this is what John Dixon had to say as reported by the BBC: “The public is calling for a clearer picture of the tax policies […]

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International Chamber of Commerce – Environmental and Sustainable Development

I am very pleased to have been appointed as Vice Chair for the Taxation Commission with responsibility for Environmental and Sustainable Development. This will mean engaging with UNEP and other organisations in this very important field. This sits centre stage in my belief that we need to develop a new approach to tax policy around […]

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