A New Sustainable Perspective on Tax Thinking & Taxation Policies

Chris Lenon Speaking About Tax

Speaking at BDI conference on Energy Intensive sectors.


Green Tax will build on 25 years of International Tax experience in a number of fields of taxation which I believe matter.

Taxation and the Environment is a major long term challenge in designing tax policies consistent with sustainable growth in a world adapting to a low carbon economy in a short timeframe. I’ve developed the concept of Sustainable Thinking in Tax from my interaction with Environmental issues. We need more long term strategic thinking about tax policy in a changing world.

The International Tax Framework is being questioned particularly in the areas of Transparency in Tax reporting and Transfer Pricing where the validity of arms length standard is being questioned. The BEPS project and the reaction to some corporate tax planning have questioned whether the current global tax system is fit for purpose.

All of this is happening at a time when the Global Economy is changing dramatically and becoming more volatile.

I believe that tax thinking needs a new perspective to address the challenges posed by globalisation and the environment, a perspective which produces sustainable outcomes in tax thinking and policies.

I’ve added a blog post to develop these thoughts and explain what I mean by “sustainable thinking in tax”.